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Appalachian Ki Aikido is a not-for-profit organization which strives to promote well-being and harmony in daily life for all it's members through martial arts training, specifically Ki Development and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido as taught by Soshu Koichi Tohei {10th dan}.
The skills taught in Ki and Aikido are applicable to physical balance and centering, mental focus and calmness, performing arts, and daily life.

Appalachian Ki Aikido seeks to provide the means by which students can benefit from learning the principles of body-mind coordination. These principles can be learned by men and women of all ages. We encourage anyone and everyone to come and practice together in a safe, compassionate manner.

While Aikido is a Japanese art and we wish to preserve its beautiful traditions, anyone (regardless of philosophical and religious persuasion) is welcome to join us.

Appalachian KI Aikido is an affiliate of the Eastern Ki Federation and, through it, the Ki Society International, whose chief instructor in our area is David Shaner Sensei; 7th dan{Aikido}, okuden{Ki development}. Shaner Sensei is a well respected Ki and Aikido instructor and personal student (former uchi deshi) of Koichi Tohei Sensei (founder of Ki no Kenkyu Kai).

Eric Harrell Sensei holds the rank of 6th dan {Aikido} and Joden {Ki Development} and is the Chief Instructor of Appalacian Aikido Club. Harrell Sensei was Shaner Sensei's original student in South Carolina and assisted in the formation of South Carolina Ki-Aikido. Eric Harrell Sensei is assisted by Terry Pierce Sensei {7th dan/okuden}, Bill Lynch Sensei {3rd dan}, and Mayumi Case Sensei {4th dan/chude} in training the members of Appalachian Aikido.

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