Ki No Kokyu Ho

"Breathe out so that your breath travels infinitely to the ends of the Universe, breathe in so that your breath reaches your one point and continues infinitely there. Ki breathing is an important way of unifying mind and body.

At night when all is quiet and calm, do this alone, and you will feel that you are the Universe and that the Universe is you. It will lead you to the supreme ecstasy of being one with the Universe. At this moment the life power that is rightfully yours is fully activated."

-- Koichi Tohei Sensei

Breathing is something we all take for granted. Yet it is an experience we can not do without for more than a few minutes. To breathe properly is to breathe with mind and body unified.

Just as breathing is essential to sustaining life, it is also essential to developing our Ki and life power. Ki breathing exercises, as designed by Tohei Sensei, are a central part of training and represents another opportunity to directly experience and realize for yourself the oneness of mind and body as well as your original connection to the Ki of the Universe. You are already One with the Universe.

Even when tired, this method of breathing will quickly restore our energy. Ki breathing exercises are simple and can be performed in almost any situation.

Five Principles of Ki Breathing

  • Breathe out with the sound of HA, gradually and purposefully
  • Exhale as calmly and quietly as possible
  • At the end of each breath, Ki continues infinitely like a fading sound
  • Inhale from the tip of your nose until your body feels saturated with breath
  • After inhaling, calm your mind infinitely at the One-Point

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