Kiatsu Ryoho

"We have learned the coordination of mind and body and Ki breathing. Therefore we can bring the Ki of the Universe into our bodies at any time.

When a water pump is dried out, no water can flow from the well up through the pump. To start this flow again we must put some water back into the pump. In the same way, Ki does not flow strongly in a person suffering from illness or misfortune. Let us practice Kiatsu to put Ki back into these people, stimulate their own flow of Ki, and give them a fresh start to happiness."

-- Koichi Tohei Sensei

The name "kiatsu" refers to connecting with Ki. "Ryoho" means therapy. Therefore, Kiatsu Ryoho refers to a form of personal therapy based upon Ki "connection" through the unification of mind and body. In this way, the kiatsu "therapist" is enabling a connection with the healing power of the Ki of the Universe.

Tohei Sensei has developed Kiatsu as a way for us to realize the oneness of mind and body and the healing power that is naturally ours. Rather than focusing on "points", Kiatsu directs Ki through "lines" or meridians that run throughout the entire body. By connecting with another person through Ki, you fill their mind and body with plus energy, accelerating the healing process made possible by the Ki of the Universe.

Five Principles of Kiatsu Therapy

  • Extend Ki from the One-Point in the lower abdomen
  • Put no strength and have no tension in your body
  • Send Ki perpendicularly toward the center without forcing
  • Ki is connected infinitely at your fingertips
  • Concentrate on lines, rather than points

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