Outside Resources

The Art of Peace --By O'Sensei
What is Aikido? --By Koichi Tohei
Ki in Daily Life --By Koich Tohei
Kiatsu --By Koichi Tohei
Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training --By C. M. Shifflett
Ki in Aikido --By C.M. Shifflet
Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere --By Adele Westbrook and Oscar Ratti

usaikido.com interview --A wonderful interview with Shaner Sensei(Chief Instructor, Eastern Ki Federation) on Life, The Universe, and Everything
Easter Ki Federation Headquarters --Greenville South Carolina
Furman University Ki Aikido --Greenville South Carolina
Ki No Kenkyukai Headquarters --Tochigi Japan
Raleigh Ki Aikido --Raleigh North Carolina
AikiWeb --Message boards and discussion groups.

Aikido Facebook Group

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