Sokushin No Gyo

"Just as a top spinning very rapidly becomes steady, the most rapid movement results in calm.

Like the eye of the typhoon which is always peaceful, inner calm results in great strength of action. Calm and action are exactly one.

Only when we keep one point and unify our mind and body, can we find spare time even when busy. Keep a calm mind and you will be able to perform to the best of your ability even in an emergency or when facing important tasks."

-- Koichi Tohei Sensei

Misogi are practices for becoming spiritually pure. A type of meditation usually centered around some kind of action, such as pouring cold water over yourself or standing under a waterfall.These actions can be tiring and often test the endurance of both mind and body.
Sokushin no Gyo (bell meditation) is a form of misogi that involves an active body. In Bell Misogi a medium weight bell(Suzu)is struck on time with a rhythmic count for an extended period of time.

Tohei Sensei developed Sokushin no Gyo as a means to realize the oneness of mind and body while in an active physical state. Without mind and body unified, Sokushin no Gyo is difficult and even impossible to sustain. But when we realize the oneness of mind and body by relaxing completely, the Ki of the Universe naturally fill us up. Sokushin no Gyo strengthens our will and our conviction to give 100% in everything we do.

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