What We Teach

At Appalachian Ki Aikido we strive to gain an understanding of the world around us through the study of Ki as taught by Soshu Koichi Tohei.

Shinshin Toitsudo is a multi faceted art containing five distinct yet interconnected arts. It is only through diligent study of these Five Disciplines can we hope to achieve unity in our daily lives.

handThe Five Arts are:

Ki Aikido waza
Aikido Techniques for defending oneself based upon the principle of non-dissension.
KI No Kokyu Ho
Ki Breathing for increased relaxation while resting as well as in motion.
Ki No Ishi Ho
Ki Meditation to experience a deeper state of calmness in our daily lives thereby allowing us to better cope with situations.
Kiatsu Ryoho
Personal Ki Therapy for aiding in over tension, stress, and illness.
Sokushin No Gyo
Misogi(Purification)/"Bell" Meditation to strengthen our will and our conviction to give 100% in everything we do.

"Selfish people have never understood and traveled the Way of the Universe in the past. Therefore, when we realize the principles and Way of the Universe, the Universe gives us the responsibility to spread them to the world.

Do not think that you cannot help another. What you learn today, you can teach another the next day. The world is full of people who have lost the Way of the Universe and suffer from mental illness. Let us do our best to explain the correct principles of the Universe to them."

--Koichi Tohei Sensei

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